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1KeyTools Find N Show One key to do all of find-open-display-position to the found value, use on temprary internet files to find text in Internet Explorers cache or on any folder on your disk.

*** NB Before Ordering you need the Order Code from your copy of Kyboma:

1. Choose Registration Info from the Help Menu of Kyboma.

2. Note the code (xxxxx) shown in format >>>>> xxxxx <<<<<

3. Click The Buy Now link on this page for the product you want to order.

4. You will then be shown an Order Form. When you complete the order form make sure you type this 'Order Code' on the order form. It is on the form just below the 'Comments'.

Prices for Personal Use:

ProductNo. of copiesPrice
Kyboma Find n ShowAnyUS$ 20 eachBuy Now
Kyboma FindNShow and Example ExtractorAnyUS$ 30 eachBuy Now

Prices for Business users:

ProductNo. of copiesPrice
Kyboma Find n Showup to 100 copiesUS$ 40 eachBuy Now
Kyboma Find n Showmore than 100 copiesUS$ 20 eachBuy Now
NB If you need more than 50 copies, we suggest you order 100 for the cheapest price.

Kyboma is priced per copy or use. "Use" means loaded in temporary memory or permanent storage on a computer. Installation on a network requires that you purchase a copy for each user on that network who will use Kyboma.

License includes ALL new versions of the same product, access to a list/database of reported problems together with fixes/way to work around any problem.

The license also includes support by email. Support for any problems which are due to errors in the system will be provided without limit and without cost.

Kyboma Find Files N Show

Kyboma Find n Show will find an article or file and display the info you are searching for quickly and easily.

Find Files Summary

Features. How to search for articles on your disk

Quick tour with Screenshots

Find Files - View The Complete help File


Download Find Files


Buy Find Files Now


All Program downloads from KBM Software.


Kyb IE GetEmAll Offline Browser add on for IE.

Download Offline Browser for IE add-on.


Kyboma HTML Tutorial by Example

Download HTML Tutorial program


Kyboma Find Files N Show

Download Find Article N Show


Web Log Analyzer By Search Term.

Download Web Log Analyzer By Search Term.


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