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1KeyTools search disk utility - the fast way to find files

Kyboma Find n Show is about finding and displaying the info you want quickly and easily.

Using a single keystroke (F4) you will do ALL of the following:
- find the next file containing any of the text values to find
- display the contents of the file
- position the display to the first value found

Then a single keystroke (F3) will show the next value. Or F4 will show the first value in the next file.

We think Kyboma Find n Show is the quickest and easiest way to find whatever you're looking for on your hard disk.
- Quick because you get the chunk of text found immediately (in the list returned).
- Quick because you just press F4 to display the file and find the first value.
- Quick because you Press F6, F7 etc. to open it in another application.
- And Powerful because you can enter a complex search including:
    . a list of words to find
    . a list of phrases to exclude,
    . only find when another word is on the same line
    . etc etc

Kyboma is a full featured file management and shell program allowing you to move/copy files or open files in other applications.

Kyboma remembers all your settings, column widths,etc. automatically and restores them next
time you start. Even when Windows crashes the last settings used will have been remembered.

Kyboma provides many many shortcut keys, for example:
    . to toggle between 2 positions of the seperation bar.
    . to open a file in another application (regardless of its filetype).
    . to change column width.
    . to find and show (or even find AND open in notepad) the next file in the list.
    . to zoom in/out on all screens.

Kyboma Find n Show is about finding and displaying the info you want quickly and easily.
Kyboma Find Files N Show

Kyboma Find n Show will find an article or file and display the info you are searching for quickly and easily.

Find Files Summary

Features. How to search for articles on your disk

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