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Where to register a domain name? I recommend freeparking.co.uk

Is your domain name available?

I have been using freeparking.co.uk for about 5 years.
They were one or the cheapest places to buy domains (I never bother to check any more) but nevertheless provide a great service that you control online. I recommend them without reservation.

One important factor is that they have a good business model. This is important as it makes it likely that having learned to use their service you'll be able to use it for many years to come. There are countless other web organisations who had a bad business model and either started charging excessively or disappeared (bizland.com and totalise.co.uk to name two who I dumped)

Their business model was always (and unusually in the .com bubble years) to automate as much as possible and therefore be able to offer the lowest possible prices.

Important with such a model is to get the programs used to work perfectly. In my experience they have achieved that well.

They have slowly increased the services they offer which has always included free mail forwarding and now includes free POP3 mailboxes which I am about to test.

My only criticism would be that the descriptions of the services offerred are sometimes difficult for a beginner to understand.

I am rather suspicious of any service on the net and would be hesitant to search for a name I wanted to register just anywhere. If the name is potentially valuable perhaps the service will register it themselves. This has never happenned with freeparking.

You can search for and register a domain using the search box here. It's an afiliate link and I will get paid for the referral. However this will not change the amount you pay. Although it's a uk domain, they are part-based in the US and list prices in US$ or euro as well as British pounds.

Tip: it's sometimes worth checking both prices and choosing the cheaper one according to todays exchange rate. It has sometimes varied $1 or $2 in the past. Make sure to check what the bank charges for a foreign currency transaction on your card though.

Is your domain name available?
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Where to register a domain name?

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