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This page is here because many people know the word site graber. Whereas actually what they want is to grab and browswe a few selected pages from a website offline. Kybie, one of the products on this site does exactly that.

We also have a vision and therefore an interface which is 'different'. Since long before the ebook readers, kindle and the like, we have created a book type experience from your selected webpages. To turn the page (view the next grabbed webpage), you press F8. If you want to select a page from the index of those already read you click the purple box. To see the unread pages, click the green box.

Like most offline browsers and site grabbers you can also choose to click on links to see the cached version of pages that have been grabbed. Kybie however adds an extra link with the word cached next to each link for which an offline copy is available. This means you can click on the orignal link for the most up to date version of the page or the cached link to see the saved version. Cached links can be hidden and revealed with a keyboard shortcut.

Our interface is different. If you fancy something different and are prepared to take some time getting used to it, give it a try.

We are still considering a new product to spider and grab all or filtered pages from a site and optionally adding pages to a KybIE list.
KybIE is an offline browser add-on for internet explorer.

It will be as easy to grab a site from the web as it is now to grab selected links from a page.

Do you have particular features you would like to see in this product? Please let us know. If we like them we will invite you to see sneak previews of the product.

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What is available now?

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What is available now?

The functions of any KybIE Site Grabber product will also be included KybIE Getemall. NB All future versions of KybIE GetEmAll are included when you purchase what's available now.

KybIE GetEmAll is designed to make offline browsing easy in internet explorer. One excellent and unique feature is the ability to re-check the cache of files already grabbed and saved to you hard drive and indicate which links on a page are already available off-line.


Buy now using our secure online payment processor with a 15-day money back guarantee (US$ 29.95) or download the no obligation free trial.

KybIE can be used indefinitely for free with some limitations. For a trial period of 10 days you can try the unlimited version free.

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