How To Spider the net for images

We are planning a new product to spider the web adding pictures to a KybIE list.
KybIE is an offline browser add-on for internet explorer.

It will be as easy to find and grab pictures from the web as it is now to grab selected links from a page.

Do you have particular features you would like to see in this product? Please let us know. If we like them we will invite you to see sneak previews of the product.

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What is available now?
What is the meaning of spider in the context of offline browsing

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What is the meaning of spider in the context of offline browsing

Any web page has many links. Most of those links lead to another web page which also has many links.

To surf the web you usually click (follow) a link on a page. Then you click a link on the next page and the next page etc.

Software is said to spider if it follows each of the links on a page. Usually it grabs each of the pages which are linked from the first page. Then it follows each of the links on every page grabbed.

If you spider the web without restriction, the number of pages grabbed will increase exponentially. Therefore it is desirable to limit or filter which links are followed.

Usually you use a software tool to spider the web in order to find specific information. For example if you were looking for pictures it might be sensible to follow all links containing the word gallery.

What is available now?

The functions of KybIE Image Search and Spider will also be included KybIE Getemall. NB All future versions of KybIE GetEmAll are included when you purchase what's available now.

KybIE Getemall is designed to make offline browsing and creation of image or page collections easy in internet explorer.


Buy now using our secure online payment processor with a 15-day money back guarantee (US$ 29.95) or download the no obligation free trial.

KybIE can be used indefinitely for free with some limitations. For a trial period of 10 days you can try the unlimited version free.

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