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Can I see a feature List?

Yes a feature list for Kybie Pro is here.

Will this program also work as an internet accelerator?

See the internet web accelerator discussion

Can you list some benefits of buying this program?

The main benefit is time saved and added convenience. A longer list is here.

I saw a differrent online manual before?

It was probably the help file from a previous version. It's still online, just click the link.

What features are available with KybIE as compared to other offline browsers

All offline browsers will fetch pages and save them on your disk. You can then use a browser and click links to show the offline version.

KybIE can also be used in the same way. However KybIE offers two links for each link on the original page. One for the saved offline version. The other for the latest online version.

KybIE also keeps lists of pages and links requested and allows easy keyboard viewing of pages. A sort of presentation of a series of web pages is thus achieved.

A longer feature comparison table is also available.


Buy now using our secure online payment processor with a 15-day money back guarantee (US$ 29.95) or download the no obligation free trial.

KybIE can be used indefinitely for free with some limitations. For a trial period of 10 days you can try the unlimited version free.

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