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KybIE GetEmAll - What Is It
KybIE GetEmAll - When To Use It
KybIE GetEmAll - Why Buy It

KybIE GetEmAll - What Is It

KybIE GetEmAll is a tool for easier faster browsing using IE.

KybIE GetEmAll allows you to get many links with a single keypress.
It will get the pages without hanging your computer. You can continue to use IE or other programs.

KybIE GetEmAll will keep the pages so they can be read off-line / later. It will even remember what you requested - keep pages fetched when Windows crashes.

Select four or five news articles that you want to read and press F7. KybIE will request the pages whilst you can continue doing something else.

The pages will be retrieved in the background and the counters on the KybIE coloured blocks will indicate when pages are available.

Once pages have been fetched, press F8 to view the first page and then F8 to view each other page in turn.

Keeps the pages you asked for and allows you to browse them offline later at your leisure.
Unlike Other offline browsers KybIE GetEmAll simply loads the pages to IE. So no new browser to learn and no new set of bugs to annoy you.

KybIE GetEmAll - When To Use It

KybIE can be used on any site.
It is perhaps most useful for fetching news articles and messages / ads from a message board.

Select multiple threads or replies on a message board and get them all at once.

Select your news articles you want to read with the mouse and press F7. Get all the articles with one keypress. Get many pages at the same time.

Select all the ads on a classified page and request them with one keystroke.

When articles and all images are available, the green counter will increase. You simply press F8 to view each article in turn. Since all data is already on your hard disk, this will be much quicker and more reliable than clicking each link.

KybIE will greatly speed up the checking of search results.
Options on the KybIE menu can be checked to skip images, scripts and plug ins on each fetched page. For search results you will often want to see first only the text from the page and then select only those pages for which you want to see images etc.

KybIE GetEmAll - Why Buy It

Here are three good reasons that apply to everyone. KybIE GetEmAll has many other options that will be invaluable for each user.

  • Saves time. How much is your time worth?

  • Reduces frustration. How much is your calm state of mind worth?

  • Allows you to spend your time and energy on the contents of pages instead of the task of getting them.

You can download KybIE and try it for up to 14 days for free.
Then simply use your credit card and click Buy Now to buy the product using our secure online payment system.

Don't sit waiting for your computer. Make your computer wait for you.

Some Additional Questions

Does KybIE work as a web accelerator

Will this web tool save me money?

Move Up to KybIE browsing now. Skip The wait. Forget the frustration

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Selected Questions

Does KybIE work as a web accelerator?

Will this web tool save me money?

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