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1KeyTools the fast way to find files

Kyboma Find N Show
The express route to find files on your disk.

"Only One Key to Find the next File. AND Show the file. AND Show The text found"

"Only One more Key to open the found File in a selection of programs"

"Convenient Complex criteria to find exactly what you want first time"

"Press one key to cycle through a set of File List windows"

"Press one key to toggle between two positions of the split"

"Press one key to show the next file in the file list"

"Then press F12 to open it in your browser or F6 to open it in notepad"

Kyboma Find N Show

Price:      $20

Download:   5.1M

Windows 95 98 ME XP or 2000

Kyboma Find Files N Show

Kyboma Find n Show will find an article or file and display the info you are searching for quickly and easily.

Find Files Summary

Features. How to search for articles on your disk

Quick tour with Screenshots

Find Files - View The Complete help File


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